VDO dtco 3.0 Tachograph

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The last step on the way to the intelligent tachograph

The new DTCO 3.0 paves the way for the “intelligent tachograph”, which will be compulsory for newly registered vehicles from June 2019. With its advanced DTCO 3.0 technology, VDO has already created the foundations for the intelligent tachograph – the DTCO 4.0 – which will be launched in 2019. There will be no compulsory changeover, however, so older tachograph models can still be used after the June deadline next year.

VDO tachographs – history and innovation

An on-board digital tachograph has been compulsory since 2006 for all newly registered trucks with a total weight of more than 3.5 tons and for all buses with more than 9 passenger seats (Regulation (EC) No 1360/2002, Appendix 1B). The history of the tachograph, however, goes back a lot further than that, because tachographs have been manufactured in Villingen in the Black Forest for almost 100 years, beginning in the 1920s with the ‘autograph’ device. VDO tachographs have been on the market since 1951 and are still manufactured at the Villingen site, although VDO is now part of the Continental international technology company, so the company has the extensive experience and expertise to offer the products the market needs in good time.
“Today, the digital tachograph is more than just a device for recording driver and vehicle data,” says Dr. Lutz Scholten. “It’s the telematics heart of fleet management, enabling even small and medium-sized fleets to boost their potential for efficiency.”

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