TachoMan Cloud
Reporting Services
1 year subscription

DKK 1.500,00DKK 2.995,00



Your Cloud solution for

  • collecting
  • saving
  • reporting
  • complying

Automate the handling of your Tachodata for drivers and vehicles, to the greatest extent possible.

Choose the number of units (drivers + vehicles) you require.
Order and Pay, and we will revert to you with details within 24 working hrs.

At any time you can order an increase or decrease of your units subscription, by mailing to support@solutionweb.dk
Subscriptions are valid for 1 year and are automatically extended with a new period, unless you notify us 3 months before renewal date.

Read more about the TachoMan Cloud solution here: LINK to http://www.eurotms.com/tachograf-download/



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