Tachograph Programmer Tool

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Calibrates and programs all analogue and digital tachographs.

Supported tachographs
Analogs:  KTCO 1314/1318, Motometer EGK100, FTCO 1319, MTCO 1324/1390, TSU 1391, VR2400.
Digitals:  DTCO 1381 (DTCO® 2.1 active), SE5000 (Exakt Duo), SmarTach, EFAS-4.
A Workshop Card is required to calibrate the digital tachographs

– W figure determination on measuring track (with optional photo-cell) or rolling road.
– K figure measure on KTCO 1314, KTCO 1318 and FTCO1319.
– Parameter programming.
– Activation and deactivation of IMS (Independent Motion Signal).
– Activation and deactivation of VDO counter.
– Odometer reset and adjustment (mileage correction).
– Speed simulation and customizable automatic test diagram.
– DTCS reading (Digital) and erasing.
– Sensor pairing (KITAS activation).
– Clock test.
– Workshop card’s PIN recording and input through CD400.

– No power connection nor battery charging required, the only tester powered by the tachograph itself.
– Compact size, the smallest tachograph tester on the market.
– User friendly, clear 4 lines menus, no training required.
– Automatic tachograph model detection on power on.
– Double accuracy of the W factor measure on track by detecting half pulses.
– The only tester being able to reset the odometer and change the sender type on the VR2400.
– Flash program memory, easy software upgrade using a serial port or USB serial adapter on any PC.

Technical Specifications:

– Graphic FSTF LCD Display:
(100 x 32 pix. / 4 lines x 20 char)
White LED backlight
– Size: 150 x 100 x 45 mm
– Supply voltage: 9 to 30 VDC
– Supply current: 12mA
– Case: green-blue ABS (IP40).
– Operating temp: -20…+70°C
– Weight: 155g

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